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    The Beginning


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    The Beginning

    Post by Admin on Sat May 26, 2018 2:00 pm

    Every race and culture sees itself as above all else. It is said that if you sift through the many versions of the same event you may find glimmers of truth. Each tells the tale making themselves the favored of the gods, sole possessor of truth, and rightful rulers of the world. As children boasting of their imagined prowess to make their parents proud. Let's look past that for a moment , let's draw the curtain aside.
    Each race was placed or created in the world by their gods. Each was divine or cursed and was destined to rule or serve. The dwarves would say they owned every mountain, every chunk of ore and stone. Goblins would just kill you. Orcs live to serve their masters, to kill dwarves and wipe them from the lands. To burn and destroy everything. Elves will say they are the stewards of the forests and the lands, albeit they begrudgingly cede the mountains to the Dwarves. The Elder races, the Unyarime, are a secret unto themselves. They are rumored to exist in secluded areas, but not much is known of them today. When they met the tribes of Man they seemed content to watch and cautiously offer a guarded friendship. Conflict always seemed to go badly for the tribes so they remembered to treat the Unyarime with respect. Humans have a short memory.
    Giants were birthed of the mountains, made of rock and stone and metal. Some say they were created along with the world. That their gods had bits of creation left over after making the mountains so fashioned a tribe of Giants and breathed life into them.
    Man was not the first to enter the western lands. Tho they claim to have 'discovered' them. Such is their pride. Even the Elves, Dwarves, Orcish kind, the Trolls and Ogres were not the first. Tho they were ancient and had long history. We will read how they came to be in another story.
    It is said that the Giants were older still, being made from the earth and stone itself. If you look closely you can still see the traces of their high cities and large mounds where they laid the dead to rest. But there were elder races of which little is known today. Unyarime....those who fade into the mists of time.
    As the tribes of Man came upon the west they were amazed at it's beauty and richness. Certainly their gods had blessed them and led them to their reward. Plains and forest and mountains as far as the eye could see. And no end in sight. Initially they explored and lived in relative security. They found however that their intrusion was watched and tolerated...for now.
    The gods of man were not the only gods however. And the beliefs of Man were not the beliefs of the new land. The land was alive with spirits and powers. They were in the places, the rocks and trees and waters. They found that it was far better to appease than to provoke. As they moved north they began to explore a great forest.
    At first the Elves were wont to just kill these intruders. They were not The People and were dirty ignorant creatures. But they bred fast and were resourceful. Eventually the standoff turned into an uneasy peace. The tribes of man would respect the forests of the Elves and respect the trees or suffer the Judgement.
    Then Man came to the mountains. Funny thing about Dwarves, they covet their metals and stone. And they seem to always find a way to turn a profit. For encroaching, albeit unknowingly, upon Dwarven lands the humans were savagely killed. Is it any wonder they became even more warlike? Faced by stought enemies they had to either adapt or die. The children of stone tried to enslave the humans to work them in their mountains. But they learned from fire and steel that perhaps it was better to trade than to war. Uneasy truce followed and commerce began.
    Indeed this wasnt the reward man had thought. Their punishment came in the form of a wave of orc and goblin. From the deeper forests and hills they came forth. Not as powerfull one on one but in greater numbers. The Dwarves and Elves had both alluded to greenies and various names...Man didn't take them seriously. It took years to push back the tide and much longer to rebuild. Finally, the tribes met in council to decide their best course of action. They decided to settle the areas of the south that they new and seek out new areas as needed. They held their ground and put down roots.
    The land was overall rich for farming and grazing, the forests for timber and what of the mountains they could mine held stone and some gold and silver. they built and grew. As the tribes outgrew the lands they expanded, and fought. Humans were ever eager to fight.
    There were of course many other creatures in the west. Creatures such as the deer and boar who had no real intelligence. But creatures that possessed intelligence as any man or dwarf or Orc. Whether they were the scattered remnants of an ancient once populace race or just the scattered afterthought of their god we do not know.
    Tribes of Man succeeded in populating much of the West. The Giants living in the mountains to the north and a few along the eastern range of mountains. Dwarves mostly along that eastern range with a few in the north. Elven kingdoms flourished in the deep forests along the range and the orc and goblins in forest, hill, swamp, they were not driven out. The elder ruins were home to many creatures who sought safety from the encroaching men and the wrath of the elder races.

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