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    Worldbuilding Theory Empty Worldbuilding Theory

    Post by Admin on Sat May 19, 2018 9:19 pm

    In order for fantasy to work it has to make sense. I first create a skeletal structure for the world and work down as needed. It has to all work together and the stories and pieces have to fit. This framework is layered and the different layers will have the same describers but in a level context. So for example Social descriptors will exist in every area and at each level and share similarities if they are in the same upper grouping.
    The physical characteristics of the level, land features, climate, ecology etc
    Brief events that lend present context, why of actions and why they are how they are.
    Inhabitants, how they are structured, how they deal with each other and the challenges of life. Everything from language and festivals to their Myths and legends.
    With each other. tensions and conflicts, alliances.
    *Religion and magic
    How they define the divine and deal with the mysteries of life. Whether that be thru worshiping creatures to calculating the stars or numbers.
    How they govern themselves or are governed. The structure of their grip on power.
    *Economics and Trade
    Making a living, wealth, spending it, interacting economically with the neighbors and all the machinations to be rich. The many trade routes.
    Centers and technology.
    Armed conflict and it's place in the society and culture. The technology of the weapons, sophistication of the training and strategy and tactics.
    The logistics of fighting and campaigning, raiding.
    *Driving Themes
    Struggles, aspirations and their resolutions. The main themes that drive societies.

    *Cross Areas
    Many of the above items spread across boundaries and the world. Religions and Guilds often span wide areas and retain a loyalty all their own.

    * Mystery and Wonder
    Even the most learned in the world dont have a clear understanding of whats at stake. Even the gods dont give away many of their secrets.
    And then only at a steep price.

    Enjoy your time in The World of Fading Dreams.

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