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    What this is all about Empty What this is all about

    Post by Admin on Tue May 15, 2018 1:53 am

    My entire life has been chasing dreams and creativity. I grew up with Mom reading Bullfinch's Mythology and reading King Arthur. Eventually that love and curiosity grew into gaming and 3d artwork. My characters in gaming roleplayed and while creating each piece of art I was also creating a story. So there are alot of tales.
    Why not tie all the artwork together? Worldbuilding is incredible fun and so the project was born. This is all in fun. I'm not a writer so te stories will just be like telling them by the fire. It's all a great education for me in storytelling and will be influenced by my favorite authors. So you may see a comfortable idea here and there. Inspiration from the masters is a good thing. Where I borrow heavily they will be credited for their idea.
    As such please observe copyright, mine or theirs.
    There is a section for comments and suggestions so please feel free to chat or provide feedback and ideas. Understand that ideas are being stitched together and the world, characters and story will be evolving and thus changing. Consider it a work in progress.
    For fantasy to work it has to follow the rules of the setting. If a character paints themselves into a bad corner they could die. If they survive it has to be plausible. There has to be cohesion and consistency. But expect that you will not know everything. You ARE mortal after all.
    Thanks for having a look and i hope you enjoy your stay and come back often. I plan on making updates several times a week.
    Dedication...for Mom, who introduced me to the Myth of Greece and Rome, instilled in me a love of reading and dreaming, who loved the stories of the Nobility of medieval Britain, and who loved me unconditionally for 60 years. She passed from this world on Apr 13th 2018 and is sorely missed.
    And for my best friend Jon, for helping me through those dark times. Bringer of inspiration. And master of common sense.

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